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We are one of the top culinary brands in India, on a mission to cater to the diverse palettes of a billion Indians and beyond . We offer a wide canvas for our employees to work on - in an ecosystem driven by ownership, innovation and the freedom to operate bereft of functional silos. We truly believe we are different and have our own unique style of working, while staying true to our core belief that “Good taste knows no boundaries.”

While we want our employees to thrive here, we also provide a fair and caring culture with interventions to support our employees during important life events. Our care is not only limited to our employees, but also covers medical help for their extended families.

Our people thrive in our culture - a mix of dare to hustle and achieve more. We nurture an entrepreneurial mindset that is keenly focused on what is best for the business and is not limited to tried and tested templates.
We care for our employees in times of need. Our collaborations cross not just departmental boundaries but geographical boundaries as well. Despite our exponential growth, we are grounded by humility and a relentless focus on details.