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When Chinese immigrants in India started incorporating Indian spices into their cooking, and when the locals adapted Chinese cooking techniques and seasoning to suit their tastes, they ended up creating a whole new cuisine in India: desi Chinese. Indians fell in love with this fusion of Indo-Chinese flavours and have made it their own by constantly evolving the cuisine and adding their own touches to it.

Every region in India has its own ethnic cuisine. But the one cuisine that links each and every part of India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, is desi Chinese. In 1995, Capital Foods was the first food company to spot this special culinary connection that all Indians shared. That’s when we created Ching’s Secret. This brand caters to the Indian palate’s ever-growing demand for desi Chinese with an array of food products that are hygienically manufactured using the latest technology. The range of products and flavours that Ching’s Secret offers is in a category of its own and is unmatched by any other food brand in India. Ching’s offerings include hakka noodles, sauces, sauce mixes, instant noodles, instant soups, kettle-cook soups, chutney, masalas, and frozen meals. Today, the brand is synonymous with desi Chinese in India and across the globe.

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“Jab bhi kare dil, desi Chinese nahin mushkil!”

Making desi Chinese whenever you like is not difficult, not with Ching’s Secret. Ching's Desi Chinese Masalas are so perfectly blended that you don’t even need to add salt. An entire desi-Chinese meal can be whipped up quickly with ease and without any fear of errors. The Ching’s masala range includes Schezwan Fried Rice, Chowmein Hakka Noodles, Paneer Chilli, Veg. Manchurian, and Chicken 65.


“Chutney nahi. Rocket hai. Rocket!”

The Schezwan chutney can be used as a dip, a spread, or even as a cooking ingredient. Ching’s Schezwan Chutney is an ingenious desi-Chinese offering with a mouth-watering blend of Sichuan peppers and pungent garlic. It can make the taste levels of any snack or dish take off like a rocket!


“Maa kasam. Mind-blowing hai!"

Discover life beyond mushy masala noodles with Ching’s mind-blowing Desi Chinese Instant Noodles, which are non-sticky and addictively spice-a-licious! The flavours include manchurian, schezwan, and hot garlic.


“Ek minute mein hunger ki bajao!”

Bust your hunger in just a minute. The quickest and most delicious way to bust those hunger pangs is with Ching’s Instant Soups: India’s No. 1 desi-Chinese soups! With just one cup of hot water and in just one minute, you can relish a delicious hot bowl of your favourite Ching’s soup. The instant-soup range includes flavours such as manchow, hot & sour, sweet corn, tomato, and mixed vegetables.


“Sumptuous premium soups!”

Ching’s premium cook-up soups are satisfyingly sumptuous. Each soup has a generous serving of the choicest exotic vegetables, which makes every sip a memorable experience. Easy to make, these soups just need to be simmered in water for about three minutes. The cook-up soup range includes Tomato, Hot & Sour, Sweet Corn, and Mixed Vegetables.


“Ching’s dining table sauces!”

These perfect meal companions can complete any dining spread! The ever-popular Ching’s Sauces — Dark Soy Sauce, Chilli Vinegar, Green Chilli Sauce, and Red Chilli Sauce — are the perfect way to enhance the flavours of your favourite desi-Chinese dishes.


“An ancient recipe revived!”

Ching’s has mastered the ancient Chinese art of making hakka noodles hygienically, using advanced technology. Each noodle strand maintains its form without getting mushy and retains more flavours on its surface.



From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, if there’s one cuisine that every Indian loves, it’s desi Chinese! For years, we, at Capital Foods, have been delighting you with the best of everything that India’s second-most popular cuisine, desi Chinese, has to offer. And just like our delicious offerings, our journey has been a dhamakedaar one as well! So dive into the world of Ching’s Secret, and find out which secret chutney makes us so special...

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