Our Brands

We are great believers in the concept of a ‘global food culture’. We are committed to helping people get a taste of global flavours by selecting, perfecting, and integrating global foods through our various food brands.

Ching’s Secret

Ching’s is the most loved desi-Chinese brand in the world. It caters to the Indian palate’s ever-growing demand for desi Chinese with an array of food products that are hygienically manufactured using the latest technology. The range of products and flavours that Ching’s Secret offers is in a category of its own and is unmatched by any other food brand in India.

Smith & Jones

As a part of our mission to spread good taste through global foods, we launched Smith & Jones: a brand that bridges international cuisines using local flavours. Smith & Jones offers global foods and food ingredients with local appeal. Today’s consumers are well-travelled and knowledgeable about global cuisines. They have a strong need to experiment with and explore flavours. Smith & Jones gives them a taste of international flavours through its pasta masala, pizza ketchup, cooking pastes, and more.

Food Services

In pursuit of our goal to make global food accessible to all, we are fully committed food-service providers to world-class chefs, restaurants, and premium food-service establishments.

With our specialised state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we are capable of delivering the highest standards of quality. Today, we are recognised as a leading provider of desi-Chinese food ingredients through the offerings of our brand Ching’s Secret.


We have not only crossed geographical boundaries but also created culinary bridges across the world with our tempting array of food products. We have a strong presence in the export market as well, thanks to our various food brands.

Today, consumers across the world have easy access to Ching’s desi-Chinese products and ingredients. Indians who have settled abroad can taste their beloved soul food, desi Chinese, wherever they may be. We even offer Indian food products via our ethnic brand, Raji. Through its whole spices and masalas, Raji helps expat Indians celebrate their regional cuisines and cultures all over the world.

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